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Main Gallery & Project Room
June 20, 2017 - July 15, 2017
Thursday, June 22, 6 - 8 pm

For The Painting Center’s annual juried exhibition, FIGHT OR FLIGHT, we asked artists how the turbulent political environment has affected their work. Did they become more politically active by fighting—protesting, calling representatives, writing letters or did they retreat into their studios to shut out the frenetic world? Or did they adopt some combination of both approaches? Artists include: Carla Aurich, Heather Beardsley, Tinka Bechert, Samantha Beste, Sarah Bielski, Maria Bjorkdahl, Larissa Borteh, Susan Cantrick, Susan Carr, Alexander Churchill, Tom Climent, Lili Cohen Prah-Ya, Michele Colburn, Daniel Dallmann, Sarah D’Ambrosio, Carlo D’Anselmi, Mary DeVincentis, Patricia Fabricant, Gordon Fearey, Barbara Friedman, Elizabeth Gilfilen, Nancy Gladwell, Hilary Goldblatt, Suzy Gonzalez, Julie Graham, Alvin Griffin, Melinda Hackett, Elizabeth Ashton Hallett, Fukuko Harris, Paula Heisen, Jesse Hickman, Amy Hill, William Holton, April Zanne Johnson, Michelle Kaufman, Ruin Kenzie, Leslie Kerby, Keri Kimura, Liliya Krys-Burhoe, Jaena Kwon, Diana Lawrence, Chungha Lim, Sally Lord, Paul Manlove, China Marks, Olivia Leigh Martin, Alan Montgomery, Andrew Nash, Douglas Navarra, Ekaterina Popova, Ana Vizcarra Rankin, Elizabeth Reagh, Scott Reeds, Claudia Renfro, Lauren Schiller, Francis Sills, Candice Smith Corby, Jeff Starr, Jeanne Tremel, Kathy Weinberg, Ava Werner, Susan Wolsborn, and Shihori Yamamoto.

View Catalogue: FIGHT OR FLIGHT_Catalogue.pdf

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