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Main Gallery & Project Room
April 25, 2017 - May 20, 2017
Thursday, April 27, 6 - 8 pm

The Painting Center presents the solo exhibition of Paintings and Small Drawings by Al Peters in the Main Gallery and the Project Room.

In the introductory essay to the exhibition catalog entitled “Just Painting” Darragh McNicholas writes that Al Peters’ non-objective paintings are ”…composed of a finite number of shapes, colors, and sizes that are coupled and recoupled the same way 12 notes are recombined to produce an infinite number of musical compositions. In each painting, whatever color forms the ground functions like a tonic note on which the other colors build. Individual works can be alternately bright, serious, frenetic, humorous, spacious, or serene.” 

Al Peters himself has said, “Painting is simply painting---and it is unlike anything else and everything else and there is nothing else which can or will ever take its place.”

View Catalogue: Al Peters_Catalogue.pdf

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